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Fans side with Ant & Dec during escalating war of words with Piers Morgan

Piers and the dynamic duo have been having an online sparring match after Ant joked that he was difficult to work with

Fans side with Ant & Dec during escalating war of words with Piers Morgan

Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan has escalated his online spat with I'm A Celebrity presenters Ant & Dec - by suggesting they aren't "national treasures."

Fans, though, have a different idea, as the comments section on Piers' latest swipe goes to show they're siding with the presenting pair.

As battle lines were drawn, they've come down firmly on Team Ant & Dec.

Piers, 54, became embroiled in a war of words with the Geordie duo after they made a joke about him during the first episode of I'm A Celeb's current series.

After some snarky exchanges, Piers has decided to take a swipe at the pair by reporting on how many Twitter users they have.

"CONUNDRUM OF THE DAY," he wrote, "My current follower count: 6.91 million.

"@antanddec's current follower count: 6.75 million, or 3.37m each.

"If they're 'national treasures', why am I twice as popular as either of them? #imaceleb2019."

They cracked a joke about Piers during Sunday's show

Piers didn't take well to the joke

During Sunday's series opener, Dec said that Piers' GMB pal Kate Garraway would be facing a "huge challenge" as she was set to be surrounded by thousands of creepy crawlies while suspended in a box high in the air.

Ant chimed in: "But before she goes back to work with Piers Morgan, she's got three weeks in the jungle!"

They soon branded him a "snowflake" on Twitter after he made reference to the jab, with Piers shooting back: "At least I have my own Twitter account & don't have to share one with my mate."

Kate was swamped by creepy crawlies

Fans have mostly been siding with Ant & Dec

Ant & Dec couldn't resist the bait, and joked: "Oh yeah? Well our dads bigger than your dad. Grow up you big wally!"

Piers came back with a swing at the pair's stature, penning: "A) They're not. / B) I really wouldn't play the growth card..."

Piers' latest attack didn't go unnoticed by fans, with many commenting their opinions on the unfolding drama -and it's crystal clear who's side they're on.

"It's not about being more popular than them," one wrote matter-of-factly, "You are a loud, opinionated, controversial regular Twitter user.

"A fair few people will follow you just because they like to follow controversy. You could not do what they do and they would not give their opinions the way you do."

Another didn't mince their words, writing: "Oh shut up Piers. Remember there's Instagram and Facebook too.

"Also followers isn't the only thing that gets them popular [sic] and support - not everyone is on social media and there's people out there who aren't on any of this but still support the boys."

"Aaw bless," a third mocked, "Piers thinks that followers = popularity. That's adorable."

A fourth savaged Piers' comebacks: "I am sure [Ant & Dec] are grateful for the extra publicity for #imaceleb and themselves.

"You do not disappoint. Please work on your comebacks though if this has to have any future."

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