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Pink 'gets drunk and cuts own hair' in coronavirus quarantine nightmare

Singer Pink is self-isolating but has turned to a sneaky drink or two but it is having a devastating effect as she decides to cut her own hair after one too many

Pink 'gets drunk and cuts own hair' in coronavirus quarantine nightmare

Pink has been detailing her self-isolation from coronavirus in her 'quarantine diaries' but it seems that she is going a little stir crazy.

The 40-year-old singer posted a video on Instagram in which she spoke to her fans while wandering around her house.

Speaking to her followers previously, Pink gave a ‘PSA’ in which she advised her followers to cut their own hair while 'staying home'.

It would seem that she has tried to practice what she preached and decided to give her own barnet a snip but admitted she now had to ‘fix it’ as she performed the task after having a couple of drinks.


She appeared in her Instagram video with a beanie hat on her head, as she tried to mask her hairdressing skills.

Pink told her fans: "When I drink, I get really, really, really brilliant ideas and last night I got the idea, ‘I can cut hair! Why have I been paying people all this time?'”

The singer said that she had made drinking “a sport” while she is forced to stay at home.

Addressing her followers, she jokingly asked as she removed her hat: "Look what I did. What do you think? Good look? Am I giving you Alyssa Milano vibes? Charlize Theron? I don’t know.”

She by telling fans: “Stay safe. Stay home. Cut your own hair! Screw it.”

Pink’s followers were soon responding with their thoughts on the matter and were loving her sense of humour in a time of stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

One commented: “You’re hilarious. This is why I love this girl soo much! She’s for real, none of that show biz BS. Loved watching this!”

Pink performing before coronavirus lockdown

Another wrote: “She’s my spirit animal.”

A third replied: “Her personality is amazing!”

All eyes will be on what Pink tries next after enjoying a tipple. Let's just hope she doesn't have designs on becoming a tattoo artist.

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25-03-2020 20:00, source: irishmirror, by James Foster
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