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Antonio Brown Gives Car Interview In Boston Traffic, Pumped for Patriots!


Well, this is something ... Antonio Brown just gave his first interview about being on the Patriots -- and he did it from the driver's seat of his car while cruisin' the streets of Boston!

Does it seem oddly set up that Brown would roll down his window and start talking to a Patriots fan in the middle of the road? Yes.

Are there people in our office who suspect the shot was orchestrated by Brown (and maybe even the Patriots) in a PR effort to endear him to the city? Yes.

Are there other people in our office who are convinced this is a real, not setup shot? Absolutely.

But, whether it was set up or not ... it's still interesting.

Brown is seemingly flagged down by a man in another car who fires off a couple of questions about AB's new gig with the Patriots ... and the WR says everything you'd expect him to say.

He shouts a "Let's go, bro" -- and when asked how pumped he is to play with the Pats, AB responds, "Extremely grateful, bro!"

That's it. Cool moment. It's already going viral. Mission accomplished ... right?

Of course, there are reports Brown consulted with a social media team to concoct a way to use Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to force his way out of Oakland.

... so would you really put something like this past him?

Brown is expected to suit up and play on Sunday when the Patriots take on the Miami Dolphins ... and we'll see if he's the Randy Moss 2.0 that Bill Belichick is hoping for.

Setup Shot?
Something Went Wrong
Antonio Brown Gives Car Interview In Boston Traffic, Pumped for Patriots!

10-09-2019 19:25, source: tmz, by James Foster
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