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Eddie Murphy's Advice For Young Actors Is Pretty On Brand

Eddie Murphy's Advice For Young Actors Is Pretty On Brand

The 2008 comedy had Eddie Murphy playing a human spaceship who is being operated by mini aliens (one of whom is also played by Murphy). When the ship falls in love with a human woman (played by Elizabeth Banks), hijinks ensue! It was one of the actor’s biggest flops ever, making just $50 million worldwide on a $60 million production budget.

Hey, they’re not always going to be winners, right? Eddie Murphy quipped in his speech ”that shit didn’t go too well” about the movie. One fun fact about Meet Dave is that Kevin Hart actually had a role in the movie before he was considered a household name.

On the other side of things, Eddie Murphy recently said he could have had a part in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but he turned it down! Now he feels like an idiot every time he sees it. At the time, he thought the concept of animation and people together just sounded like “bullshit” to him.

But overall, Eddie Murphy has had quite a career. Iconic, even! Sometimes it’s the especially diverse roles that have made him so popular too. For example, playing a donkey in the Shrek movies was his most massive success. And his voice role as Mulan’s Mushu still has people talking.

Eddie Murphy returns to the big screen when Coming 2 America is released on December 18.



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17-01-2020 01:30, source: cinemablend, by James Foster
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