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Netflix And Movie Trailers Of The Week: Lamp Life, Irresistible, And More

Netflix And Movie Trailers Of The Week: Lamp Life, Irresistible, And More

Another work week has gone by, as the end of 2020's first month finally draws closer. Every week comes with a slew of exciting entertainment news, most of which is reported right here on CinemaBlend. This includes a slew of new trailers, which are hoping to drum up excitement and anticipation for each new release. This includes projects that are heading to the movies for full theatrical runs, as well as as streaming content that will be available on Netflix, Disney+ and so on. This week was no exception, particularly for the streaming services.

Movie making is ultimately about making money, and getting audiences in theaters or streaming is the goal. This is where marketing comes in, as well crafted trailers can really help increase hype ahead of release. There are plenty of projects coming down the pipeline, with Netflix in particular continuing to shell out original movies at a quick pace. Check out all the trailers you might have missed below, including one very special Disney short.

Disney+'s Lamp Life

Disney got in on the streaming game with the launch of Disney+ a few months ago. And in addition to being the home for the House of Mouse's various projects and franchises across the decades, Disney+ also came with its own original content, with more coming down the line. Disney+ has original movies, TV content, and even shorts. Forky Asks a Question gives Toy Story 4's Tony Hale his own continued adventures, while Lamp Life is an upcoming short that will shed a light on Bo Peep. With Annie Potts once again reprising her role, the upcoming short will reveal what happened to Bo Peep between her departure from Andy's house, and eventual reappearance in Toy Story 4. Originally a deleted scene from the last Toy Story, Lamp Life will be available to stream on Disney+ on January 31st.

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