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Robert Pattinson Was 'Literally' Jobless When Christopher Nolan's Tenet And The Batman Came Up

Robert Pattinson Was 'Literally' Jobless When Christopher Nolan's Tenet And The Batman Came Up

It's widely known that it's hard being an actor. You face plenty of rejection, no guarantee for longevity, and ultimately work from job to job. As such, even the most famous actors have faced lulls in their career, where there wasn't a project to film/publicize. This includes Robert Pattinson, who has been an A-lister since appearing in the Twilight franchise. What's more, the actor revealed that he was actually unemployed before landing gigs in The Batman and Christopher Nolan's mysterious drama Tenet.

Robert Pattinson became a household name during his tenure in the Twilight movies, before working on a variety of independent projects like The Lighthouse. Moviegoers would assume that Pattinson fields all sorts of movie offers, it turns out that he was facing an open schedule. Luckily Christopher Nolan changed things. Oh, and there's his little upcoming Batman gig too. As the 33 year-old actor recently put it,

I literally started this year with no job. I remember my agent saying, ‘You’re not really on anybody’s list. The movies are well reviewed, but they aren’t big hits.’ And then a week later I got another call out of the blue: ‘Do you want to be in a Chris Nolan movie?’ I was like: ‘Wait – how did that happen?'

And that's showbiz, kid. Things are never certain in the world of TV and film production. What's more, any gaps in your schedule could be filled over the course of a phone call. Thanks, Christopher Nolan.

28-01-2020 10:45, source: cinemablend, by James Foster
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