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The Batman Actress Zoe Kravitz Is Already Praising Robert Pattinson’s Acting

The Batman Actress Zoe Kravitz Is Already Praising Robert Pattinson’s Acting

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is underway ahead of its release next summer. Robert Pattinson's first official look in his cape and cowl just dropped. Maybe Zoë Kravitz is rocking her catsuit as the project’s Selina Kyle right now, too? It’s a really exciting time for DC fans, and the Big Little Lies actress is gushing about her co-star, Pattinson. Here’s what she said:

I’ve never worked with him before, but we’ve been together for the last few weeks, I had a camera test with him and now we’ve been training together and rehearsing together and he’s just a delightful person and such a wonderful, thoughtful actor. I think he’s perfect for the role and it’s going to be such an adventure. I’m excited to have him as my partner in crime and to be there to support each other, because it’s intense. It’s going to be a long shoot and there’s a lot of pressure, and I know he has my back and I have his.

How sweet! Zoë Kravitz sounds confident about The Batman, especially when it comes to Robert Pattinson taking on the role of the Dark Knight. The two have been friends for around a decade, but this DCEU movie will mark their first time working together on a professional level. Kravitz told Variety about the pressure that certainly comes with their roles of Batman and Catwoman, but she’s happy he’s the actor she gets to go on this journey with.

When Robert Pattinson was initially announced to be the next Bruce Wayne, there was a mixed reaction about the actor taking on the role. The news was leaked while he was promoting The Lighthouse at Cannes in France, and he still hadn’t officially been given the role. Pattinson was actually worried the leak would cost him the role. He’s famously known as Edward Cullen in Twilight, and some fans haven’t yet explored his other work in films like Good Time and High Life.

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