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Yes, Star Wars’ John Boyega Is Still Clapping Back At Haters Online

Yes, Star Wars’ John Boyega Is Still Clapping Back At Haters Online

It's almost hard to believe, but the Skywalker Saga is officially behind us. J.J. Abram's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker flew into theaters this past December, and wrapped up the nine-film narrative that began with George Lucas' A New Hope. The secrets of the franchise are all officially out, with the starring cast freed of their contracts in the process. This includes Finn actor John Boyega, who has been clapping back at haters left and right since Episode IX was released.

It's no secret that the Star Wars fandom is an intense and sometimes rabid one. Since generations of moviegoers were brought up on the galaxy far, far away, there's a deeply personal connection. And those who meet the Dark Side of the fans have been met with tons of trolling online. But John Boyega seems to enjoy sparring with his haters, recently with a few on Twitter. Check out Finn's latest battle below.

And the drama keeps on going. After The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters, John Boyega seemingly ran out of craps to give. His twitter feuds have no doubt inspired even more haters, but it looks like the 27 year-old actor is enjoying parring with those critics on social media.

14-02-2020 14:00, source: cinemablend, by James Foster
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