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Mulan’s Director Reveals The ‘Grueling’ Physical Audition She Put The New Star Through

Mulan’s Director Reveals The ‘Grueling’ Physical Audition She Put The New Star Through

Over the past few years, Disney has made a tradition of producing live-action remakes of its animated blockbusters. Each one has made a ton of money at the box office, starting with Maleficent and most recently with both Aladdin (which is getting a sequel) and The Lion King. The next of these type of projects is Niki Caro's Mulan, which is based off the beloved 1998 animated movie musical. Actress Liu Yifei stars as the title role, but it turns out that Caro but her through a really intense audition process.

Auditions for big blockbusters can be famously long, especially when studios are recruiting a relative unknown to the process. Mulan was no exception to this rule, as finding the right actress to play the iconic historical figure was of the utmost importance. While the actress wouldn't have to sing the animated movie's iconic songs, she needed to have fierce athletic abilities. Niki Caro explained why it was such a hard audition process for Liu Yifei, saying:

Because I needed a warrior, and I needed a partner. So she did this grueling audition and then we sent her straight to the physical trainer to do an equally grueling physical assessment. Weights, push-ups, pull-ups, everything. She was brilliant in the dramatic part of the audition, and in the physical part she never stopped, never faulted. I knew at the end of that day that I’d found my warrior.

Jeez, talk about an interview from hell. Luckily it all worked out for Liu Yifei, but this shows just how much care studios take casting for big blockbusters. Mulan isn't unique in this sense, although the physical assessment is a new dynamic that raises the stake even further. And now Liu Yifei will get the chance to bring honor to us all.

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