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Sounds Like The Next Planet Of The Apes Movie Won't Be A Reboot After All

Sounds Like The Next Planet Of The Apes Movie Won't Be A Reboot After All

Fox’s modern Planet of the Apes trilogy came to an end in 2017 with Matt Reeves’ War for the Planet of the Apes and since then we’ve been waiting to see what’s next for the property. Earlier this week it was reported that the next Apes movie, which will hail from the Disney-owned 20th Century Studios, would be another reboot. However, it now sounds like the next Planet of the Apes movie won’t be a reboot after all. That’s according to the film’s director Wes Ball. Take a look:

Well, now we know. Following the lamentable cancellation of his Mouse Guard movie, The Maze Runner director Wes Ball was hired back in December to helm a mysterious new Planet of the Apes movie. We haven’t heard much on the project since then but with the recent reports that the next film would be another reboot of the property, Wes Ball is speaking up to set the record straight.

Following the reboot talk, Wes Ball took to Twitter and while he didn’t reveal what his Planet of the Apes movie will be, he did say what it wouldn’t be. According to Wes Ball, fans shouldn’t worry about the last three films in the franchise being erased with a reboot. He says that Caesar’s legacy will continue, but he leaves the question of how and what that means unanswered, at least for now.

19-02-2020 13:00, source: cinemablend, by James Foster
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