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Nathan Fillion Explains Why He Joined The Suicide Squad

Nathan Fillion Explains Why He Joined The Suicide Squad

While there are a few familiar faces from 2016’s Suicide Squad who are returning for next year’s The Suicide Squad, for the most part, the James Gunn-helmed sequel/reboot/whatever you want to call it is comprised of new people. Among the folks who’ve joined the latest round of Task Force X cinematic action is Castle and The Rookie star Nathan Fillion, and when recently asked why he joined The Suicide Squad, the actor responded:

James Gunn, one of the people in my life that when he calls I just say ‘Yes to whatever you’re about to say. It’s yes, the answer’s yes.’ James Gunn is an amazing storyteller. That guy understands story, and he loves to tell story. So when he wants to do something you know it’s gonna be fun, you know it’s gonna be satisfying.

Well, there you have it. Nathan Fillion likes James Gunn’s work so much and has had a great time working with him that if the filmmaker wants Fillion on one of his projects, the actor’s automatically game to participate. It must be nice for an actor when they manage to finding a creative mind who they can have such an enriching collaborative experience with, which Fillion talked about while being interviewed by ET Canada.

Nathan Fillion and James Gunn first worked together on the latter’s feature directorial debut, 2006’s Slither, and The Suicide Squad won’t even be their first time collaborating on a comic book movie, as Fillion voiced an alien prisoner in Guardians of the Galaxy. Fillion also cameoed in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as actor Simon Williams (better known in the comics as Wonder Man) on movie posters, but those scenes were cut from the movie.

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