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One Avengers: Endgame Character That Surprisingly Needed No CGI

One Avengers: Endgame Character That Surprisingly Needed No CGI

Avengers: Endgame had to CGI everything from Smart Hulk to Captain Marvel's hair and Captain America's helmet. However, one character who got to stay 100% real was the true hero of the story: That van rat.

Jen Underdahl, Visual Effects Producer for Marvel Entertainment, had a great video interview with WIRED explaining so many of the VFX work for Endgame. At one point, she noted that the rat who activated Ant-Man's device and freed him from the Quantum Realm was real.

For those of you who are curious, that is not a digital rat. For all the things that we do and for all the things that we replace, that is actually a practical acting rat. I don’t have his name, but he’s really there.

You. Don't. Have. His Name?! How are you even sure he is a he? The true tragedy of Endgame, beyond the major character deaths, is that no one has fully credited this rat. The rat didn't get an on-screen name -- unlike, say, Goose in Captain Marvel -- or apparently an off-screen name for the credits. A scandal. It deserved at least a small part of Robert Downey Jr.'s gigantic salary.

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