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Whoopi Goldberg wants third 'Sister Act': People tell me 'no one wants to see it'

Whoopi Goldberg wants third 'Sister Act': People tell me 'no one wants to see it'

Whoopi Goldberg wants to make a third "Sister Act" movie, but she's getting some resistance.

On Thursday's episode of "The View," the Oscar winner spoke about the upcoming revival of the stage musical in London, which she'll star in, and revealed that she's been working on drumming up interest in a third installment of the "Sister Act" story.

"I've been trying to get 'Sister Act 3' up and running and really met a lot of resistance with people saying 'nobody wants to see it, it's dated, it's old,'" Goldberg, 63, said.

"There's no way," said co-host Meghan McCain. "Everybody loves that movie, all generations."

"It's true," Goldberg agreed.

But the production team in London has plans to make Whoopi, now 27 years older than when the original "Sister Act" was released, the perfect person for the role -- again.

"These guys that do 'Sister Act' on stage said 'listen, would you come and do [the show]? We'll make some adjustments,'" the "Ghost" star explained. "Because, you know, I'm a little older than I was. But I'm not very much different than I was."

Co-host Joy Behar encouraged her pal, saying "old nuns are even funnier."

"I'm very excited and I'll have some fun," Goldberg said.

Goldberg also recently appeared on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," where she talked about Lizzo's tribute to "Sister Act" during her MTV Movie Awards performance.

“I love Lizzo, so I was thrilled," Goldberg said. "Any time anybody brings up 'Sister Act' it makes me happy. Because they keep telling me that no one wants to see a [third]. And I know that that’s not so.”

"Sister Act" follows Deloris Van Cartier, a lounge singer who witnesses a mob crime and is sent to live in a convent where she joins the choir. Goldberg received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance.

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