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Bigg Boss 13 day 39 written update episode 39: Sidharth Shukla fights with Tehseen Poonawala, asks him, ‘smooch karega?’

Bigg Boss 13 day 39 written update episode 39: Sidharth Shukla fights with Tehseen Poonawala, asks him, ‘smooch karega?’
Sidharth Shukla seems to have become the one bad-mouthed guy inside the Bigg Boss 13 house and Tehseen Poonawal is clearly infuriating him, triggering his anger. Friday’s episode witnessed yet another SHukla fight where he even tried to take a dig at the political analyst’s sexuality. Here are the top highlights from tonight’s episode:

Having stayed away from the house for a considerable amount of time, the duo took updates from fellow housemates to understand the new dynamics. Intending to add some spice after their re-entry, Rashami and Devoleena asked Tehseen to be their news reporter and update them. Tehseen got into the character of the news anchor and invited Shehnaz as the guest. Shehnaz told everyone that she found it important to switch teams as Sidharth Shukla started ignoring her. She also added that she got insecure after Himanshi Khurana entered the equation.

After Shehnaz it was Hindustani Bhau’s turn. Bhau explained to housemates that they should have strong principles and be loyal to friends while playing the game. He enlightened Shehnaz on how Sidharth always stood by her and didn’t leave her side during her bad times. He also advised her not to take fame for granted as it’s their fans’ love. The housemates were impressed by Bhau’s maturity and praised him. As the day came to an end, Devoleena tried to flirt with Arhaan in order to make a connection with him. Later Rashami confessed to Arhaan that she was upset with him for saying that he wanted to play the peacemaker between Sidharth and Rashami despite knowing the reality.

Devoleena tried to get Rashami talk about Sidharth and Arhaan but she sternly refused to talk about it.

Bigg Boss asked Asim Riaz to discuss with his team and nominate two members who deserve to be the captain of the house. Based on the performance during the delivery task, they decided to choose Shefali and Himanshi. Bigg Boss then asked housemates to vote for the person whom they did not want as the captain.

Mahira rejected Shefali and said Himanshi can be a better captain and is more deserving as she can distribute work better. Rashami also rejected Shefali citing her lack of coomunacation inside the house. Tehseen rejected Shefali saying she is nominated but Bigg Boss rejected his reason. Arhaan

Shehnaaz rejected Shefali saying that she will find a reason to talk to Himanshi. Paras rejected Himanshi, saying that he wanted Bhau to be the captain and Himanshi may not take right decisions. Bhau and Khesari also rejected Himanshi. Asim also rejected Himanshi, saying Shefali fights for herself. Devoleena and Arti rejected Shefali saying she found Himanshi softer. Both got equal votes and Bigg Boss asked Arti to announce the captain. Shefali then became the captain.

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Sidharth and Tehseen had another fight and Sidharth then asked him, “Smooch karega? (Will you smooch me?)” Tehseen replied, “Ciggrette ki badbu aaegi, ungs kharab honge. Mai ladko ko nahi karta. (I do not smooch guys, my lungs will be affected)” Sidharth said, “Harkatein nahi lagti. (Your actions do not suggest this).” Later, Sidharth told Asim about Tehseen, “Politician banega ye?”

In the evening, Shefali was distributing tasks. Sidharth and Asim were asked to arrange bedroom and Bhau was asked to prepare breakfast. Rashami and Sidharth once again began a war of words. At the end, Sidharth counted everyone and said, “Mai tumlogo se rishta banana nahi ayah u, mere ko jhund me rehne ki jarurat nahi hai. (I am not here to make relationships with anyone, I do not need to follow a herd.)”

Towards the end, Arti asked Sidharth why was he angry with her. He said, “When I asked you to stay silent, it was not for making you stop from speaking but you do not ration your words. I do not want others to know a lot of things. You listened to me when you needed me but when you became safe, you stopped listening to me.”

“Mai ek maksad ki dosti nahi samajhta hoon (I do not understand friendship relying on selfish reasons.),” he added

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