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Why Dax Shepard was missing from Kristen Bell's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

Why Dax Shepard was missing from Kristen Bell's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

Actress Kristen Bell was missing her biggest supporter at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Tuesday.

When a celebrity earns a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, their co-stars and biggest supporters often join in the festivities, but Dax Shepard, Bell's husband, couldn't make it.

However, Bell's longtime friend actress Jackie Tohn of "GLOW" fame was there to support her pal and shared some kind words. "Frozen II" co-star Josh Gad honored Menzel.

After the ceremony, the actresses spoke with ET about bringing their kids to visit their stars someday.

"I hope it's not a lot of dog pee on it and bubble gum," Menzel, 48, told the entertainment outlet.

"They're going to drop their ice cream right on it and it's going to be sticky for a while," Bell joked. "It's thrilling."

Despite "Frozen II" being a musical, the star's children apparently aren't too keen on hearing them sing anywhere but on-screen.

"My son's really not into hearing me sing. It's quite annoying to him," Menzel revealed. "He loves Frozen, but he really tells me to shut up, actually."

Bell sang a similar tune, saying she's "not allowed to sing at home either."

"Mine are in the same boat," Bell said. "But listen, we both realized it's in your DNA to reject your parents. You're supposed to do it because you're supposed to grow up and flourish in the outside world so everything that your parents do is supposed to be dorky to you."

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