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'View' hosts Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman remain fast friends: 'We've had so many bad experiences in this industry'

'View' hosts Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman remain fast friends: 'We've had so many bad experiences in this industry'

Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman are opening up about their close friendship, revealing they are like "salt and pepper" in a new interview.

The "View" co-hosts had been friends years prior to joining up on the popular daytime talk show. Whether it is the funny tweets and memes they send each other or the constant FaceTime calls, the duo say they made it their mission to remain close in a tough industry.

The two are daughters of prominent Republican lawmakers and have made it in an industry viewed as ultra-liberal. Huntsman is the daughter of former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and McCain is the daughter of former Arizona Sen. John McCain.

“We’re like salt and pepper, right?” Huntsman told People magazine. “I always say, ‘Everyone needs salt and pepper and you need them both together.’ You don’t just want the pepper and you don’t just want the salt.”

McCain and Huntsman’s relationship began over their involvement in national politics, which they eventually parlayed into media gigs.

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain. (ABC)

Huntsman recalled a story of how the two became best friends when they both lived in New York City and McCain worked at Fox News.

“I think it was my mom, she was like, ‘You and Meghan have so much in common, you guys have got to just connect,'” Huntsman recalled.

McCain reflected on how the two came up in the media industry.

“We have had so many bad experiences in this industry, where women were not supporting other women. And I’ve seen it and experienced it, and Abby’s seen it and experienced it,” McCain said. “Everybody always tries to pit us against each other or act like there’s only one job for one politician’s daughter.”

“And we said the day we got margaritas that we were never going to go low and be that and not support each other,” McCain said.

“Since margaritas to now, she’s had three children, my dad died, I had a miscarriage, we work on ‘The f-----g View,’” McCain continued.

Huntsman and McCain also got sentimental.

“You make me stronger,” Huntsman told McCain.

“We were texting each other and I’m like, ‘I’m here for you,’ she’s like, ‘I’m here for you,'” Huntsman stated. “And I’m like, Here we are, two women going through very scary things, very emotional things, and we can still — she was there for me, supportive and loving, no matter what she went through. And I think that told me so much about her as a person.”

“I know there are women, when they experience miscarriages, can’t be around pregnancy, which I totally get,” McCain said on her miscarriage before reflecting on Huntsman’s pregnancy.

Huntsman “got pregnant right after my dad died… I thought it was so beautiful a reminder of the cycle of life,” McCain noted.

22-11-2019 09:15, source: foxnews, by James Foster
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