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Former ‘RHOC’ star Alexis Bellino fires back at critics after shaming ‘maids’: ‘It was a joke'

Former ‘RHOC’ star Alexis Bellino fires back at critics after shaming ‘maids’: ‘It was a joke'

Alexis Bellino has doubled down on her decision to admonish her housekeepers on social media for not thoroughly cleaning her living room, in spite of the intense vitriol she received.

“I can and will post whatever I want on my IG,” Bellino, 42, wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Sunday. “My maids are well paid for and I love them. It was a joke.”

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum was taken to task on Friday after she shared an image to her Instagram account that showed pillow feathers, paper cutouts of ‘peace’ signs and a blue mechanical pencil on the floor by her leather sofa.

“When your couch accidentally disconnects and you realize your maids aren’t doing deep cleaning. Found 2 socks too…  😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤔,” Bellino, 42, captioned the interior photo.

Bellino continued her diatribe on Sunday, urging her followers to “Get over yourselves, stop trolling, find happiness and please unfollow me ASAP as I’m not looking for your approval on my IG and I don’t need followers.”

She maintained: “I will continue to be myself on my own social media platform. Life is good. Find the happiness and peace in my life and just know you will be blocked cuz I don’t have Instagram for your acceptance, not for any of your to spread hate. Thanks!!! Have a great day! Love and light!”

Seemingly unaware of, or perhaps unfazed by, the brewing backlash, Bellino added in an additional post that she was actively blocking those who didn’t like her way of criticizing her employees.

Former "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Alexis Bellino in Las Vegas. (Courtesy of EBC)

“I’m actually enjoying blocking all of you haters,” she wrote in a separate post. “I’ve always left hateful comments up because I don’t really care what you think of me. But now that I have a son on IG I’m different. HATERS/TROLLS don’t matter.”

“I may end up with zero followers in the end, but guess what … I have strong kids who know y’all are just miserable folks. Social media is clearly becoming a huge trouble for young children,” Bellino added. “I will make this my life’s mission to stop all of you as I have kids coming into social media.”

The comment has received more than 138 likes and the user bonded with other commenters who took exception to Bellino’s overall use of the term “maids.”

“Maybe a good lesson for [your kids] would be to show them how an adult handles themself when they’re in the wrong,” continued the commenter. “And more importantly, how to treat other people, especially the ones that you view as a different class than you.”

02-12-2019 19:45, source: foxnews, by James Foster
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