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Danny Aiello mourned by Hollywood: 'A true one of a kind'

Danny Aiello mourned by Hollywood: 'A true one of a kind'

Hollywood is mourning the loss of Danny Aiello after his death was announced Friday.

Per TMZ, the “Do the Right Thing” actor died Thursday night at a medical facility in New Jersey where he was being treated for a sudden illness. He was 86.

Actor Michael Rapaport tweeted out his condolences.

“Damn I’m so sad to hear the great Danny Aiello has passed away. So so sad. Such a great actor. HUGE INSPIRATION for me personally,” he wrote.

Danny Aiello on the set of the film "Do the Right Thing," directed by Spike Lee in New York, 1989. (Anthony Barboza/Getty Images)

“Literally one of my favorites & such a nice guy. He inspired Me so much,” Rapaport wrote in a subsequent tweet.

Cousin Sal, best known for his appearances on his cousin Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show, also addressed Aiello’s death.

“This is my pizzeria!!!” One of the greats. RIP Danny Aiello,” he wrote.

“God Bless Danny Aiello. His Oscar nom was for 'Do The Right Thing' but watch 'Jacob's Ladder' to see him as a literal angel,” actor John Fugelsang wrote.

Famed film critic and former Rolling Stone editor Kurt Loder tweeted out about Aiello's passing as well.

Cher also tweeted her condolences.

Actor Luka Jones chimed in:

Billy Baldwin tweeted out a lengthy tribute.

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