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Bigg Boss 13 day 92 written update episode 92 January 8: After Shehnaaz-Sidharth and Vishal-Madhurima, Paras and Mahira fight

Bigg Boss 13 day 92 written update episode 92 January 8: After Shehnaaz-Sidharth and Vishal-Madhurima, Paras and Mahira fight
Wednesday’s episode was all about former allies fighting amongst themselves - be it former lovers Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tulli or latest flame Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma, everyone engaged in ugly fights.

Here are the top highlights of tonight’s episode:

The episode began with Sidharth pressing Shehnaaz’s forehead. Soon, Shehnaaz told him that she cannot live without him because she has genuine feelings for him. As Rashami and Shehnaaz discussed Sidharth while cleaning utensils and Rashami asked her to learn respecting herself. She also asked Shehnaaz to gibve some space and time to Sidharth.

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Shehnaaz tried to talk with Sidharth and sort out things but he told her that he did not want unnecessary drama in his life.

Paras and Mahira also fought early in the morning. First, Mahira yelled at him and he kept trying to make amends but in vain. Eventually, he was pissed off and told her that she must not speak like that to her.

Sidharth and Madhurima were found striking a new bond and flirting with each other. Sensing that Sidharth was pulling her leg, Madhurima too played along and added saas to the conversation. Later in the night, Madhurima and Vishal were seen rekindling their romance after having a massive showdown. Sidharth, in his complete element, tried distracting them and began talking to Madhurima in sign language.

Bigg Boss then announced the next captaincy task and announced all the housemates as the contenders for the captaincy. Each contestant would have a photo of another contestant tied around their necks. Five buzzers would ring and at the first four buzzers, two contestants would have to discard the photos with them and remove a housemate from the captaincy’s race.

Madhurima was the first one to burn a picture and she pushed Mahira out of the captain’s race.

Rashami pushed Sidharth next and said he took wrong decisions during his captaincy and misbehaved with Vishal and her. Sidharth ran to the garden area saying mereko sunana hai. (I need to listen to this).”

After the fourth buzzer, the three contestants remaining to discard the pictures were Paras, Asim and Mahira. Paras had Asim’s photo, Mahira had Paras’ photo and Asim had Rashami’s photo.

Paras did not want Asim out of the race and kept insisting that he would like to compete with a man rather than a woman.

Sidharth told Paras he must not talk about male ego and not speak stuff like he does not want to compete with a woman. Paras tried to explain himself but Sidharth ended the discussion with a stern voice.

When Bigg Boss asked Paras Mahira and Asim to decide upon their course of action but they began fighting. Bigg Boss then announced that Paras, Mahira and Asim should complete all household chores till the time that a new captain is appointed.

Sidharth told Shehnaaz that she and Arti were the smartest contestants in the house but Shehnaaz was upset with the comment.

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