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Orlando Bloom's new tattoo misspells his son's name

Orlando Bloom's new tattoo misspells his son's name

Orlando Bloom's latest ink features a slight mishap.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star took to Instagram to share a photo of his new tattoo: the name of his son, Flynn, spelled in morse code on his forearm. It also features the date and time of Flynn's birth.

"New #tattoo can you guess who?" he wrote in the caption.

Unfortunately for the 43-year-old actor, the name is misspelled.

"If the Morse code is supposed to spell out Flynn then there is a mistake," said a fan in the comments.

The lettering on Bloom's arm spells F-R-Y-N-N, with a single dot missing, symbolizing "R" rather than "L."

Bloom's tattoo artist also shared a photo of the ink, acknowledging the mess-up.

"A beautiful reminder for @orlandobloom of his son," wrote the artist in the caption. "And yes, a dot is missing, we know, it will be fixed :)"

Flynn was born to Bloom and ex-wife Miranda Kerr on Jan. 6, 2011, at 9:03, according to the tattoo.

Bloom's post also contained a photo of himself and his artist smiling after the tattoo job was done. The artist also shared the same photo, writing, "Former Legolas and the hungarian tattooed Frodo," in the caption.

14-02-2020 01:00, source: foxnews, by James Foster
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