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Himanshi Khurana slams Sidharth Shukla, says he should ‘focus on how to behave with girls’ instead of judging her

Himanshi Khurana slams Sidharth Shukla, says he should ‘focus on how to behave with girls’ instead of judging her
Bigg Boss 13’s Himanshi Khurana has hit out at co-contestant Sidharth Shukla for passing comments about her breakup. After her stint on the popular reality show, her 9-year-long relationship with her boyfriend came to an end.

Himanshi was upset with Sidharth “talking ill” about her and told The Times Of India in an interview, “Everyone said Sidharth Shukla was a very logical person, but he said so many nasty things about me. His fans say he never bitc*** about anyone but everyone has heard what all he said about me during Weekend Ka Vaar episode. He doesn’t know what all I went through during my breakup. I was hospitalised but still I was managing my work, personal life, Bigg Boss and Asim (Riaz). I was handling social media trolling also.”

Sidharth’s opinions don’t matter to her, Himanshi said. “He should focus on how to behave with girls rather than judging my relationship. He should try to be nice and polite to girls rather than talking ill about me. For me, Asim matters and he was defending me,” she said.

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Himanshi was engaged to be married when she came on Bigg Boss 13, but her relationship ended once she was out. Asim, who was her closest confidante on the show, expressed his feelings for her and even proposed marriage.

While there has been some negativity directed at their budding romance, Asim requested his fans to not judge Himanshi. “I respect every one of you so I expect that you guys respect me also. My journey in the house was more challenging than the one and a half hour shown on TV. I connected with Himanshi because she was going through the same negativity as me and we decided to go against the narrative together even if it was against the popular opinion. That’s why the mutual respect and admiration for each other,” he wrote in a statement shared on Twitter.

“I’m sorry if anybody has got by mine or her words due to some reasons. I will always be thankful to my fans for the respect and honour. Please judge me as much as you want for who I am but not by who I am with!!! Just be the much awesomeness you guys are…respect and love you all!” he added.

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