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Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez reveal details of their relationship in viral challenge

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez reveal details of their relationship in viral challenge

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are keeping busy while quarantining.

The couple recently participated in a viral game known as the "couples challenge," which featured the duo being asked questions about themselves with their eyes closed and answering by only pointing at either themselves or their partner.

In the video, shared to the 44-year-old former baseball pro's Instagram, he and Lopez, 50, cuddle up on an outdoor couch while someone off-camera asks them questions.

In the game, the pair agreed that JLo is the better cook, that she spends the most money, is the most stubborn, takes longer to get ready in the morning and initiated the couple's first kiss.

They also agreed that Rodriguez is the more social of the two and that he was the first to say "I love you."

The two disagreed on several things, however.

Lopez and Rodriguez both said the other was funnier, messier, a bigger baby when sick and grumpier in the morning.

Both Rodriguez and Lopez claimed themselves to be the first to apologize after a fight, to have the most patience and to be the most romantic -- before Lopez suggested it could be a toss-up.

"Family feud," Rodriguez captioned the post. "Caption this..."

This isn't the first time that the couple has participated in a viral challenge, having recently made headlines for joining in on the "Flip the Switch" challenge, in which they swapped outfits.

The “Hustlers” star appears in the video posing in front of a mirror while doing a sultry dance. She’s sporting a formfitting backless white belted dress with long sleeves. She dances next to the former MLB star, who stands somewhat expressionless while recording in a navy blue blazer, khaki pants, a white shirt and sunglasses.

Per the challenge, when Drake drops the lyric, “I just flipped the switch,” the video does a jump cut and the duo switch places and clothes. Suddenly, Rodriguez is the one doing the sultry dance dressed in his soon-to-be wife’s white dress. Despite being significantly taller than Lopez, the dress fits surprisingly well. Meanwhile, JLo becomes the one recording wearing her husband’s getup, which looks noticeably big on her.

The video abruptly ends once Rodriguez starts to show hints of laughter.

25-03-2020 03:00, source: foxnews, by James Foster
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