A line of 3D colorful GeForce RTX Super
Technology / 02-07-2019
It includes the iGame RTX 2070 Super Vulcan X OC, iGame RTX 2070 Super Advanced OC, iGame RTX 2060 Super Neptune Lite OC and iGame RTX 2060 Super Ultra 3r37 models. Simultaneously with other
In Sri Lanka, arrested the head of the police because of the April terrorist attacks
World / 02-07-2019
The Attorney General named the names of another nine high-ranking police officers, whom he also suspected of neglecting official duties. The police of Sri Lanka arrested the head of the Office of the
In Russia, they sell Putin's business card
World / 02-07-2019
The grandson of the former top official sells through the site ads the business card of Vladimir Putin, which he gave to his grandfather in the late 1980s. The grandson of the former chairman of the
Sheer frustration. Microsoft has declassified the following major Windows update
Technology / 02-07-2019
It will be small Microsoft has announced the start of testing the next major update of the operating system Windows 10. The version labeled 19H2 is preparing for release in the fall. Judging by the
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super, 2070 Super and 2080 Super video cards are officially
Technology / 02-07-2019
GeForce RTX 2060 Super is priced at 33000 rubles, the cost of the GeForce RTX 2070 Super and 2080 Super is 40000 and 57000 rubles, respectively, As expected, today the company Nvidia introduced a new
The favorite for the post of prime minister of Britain considers himself a Jedi
World / 02-07-2019
Boris Johnson said that he considered himself a Jedi - he was pleased to present himself as a good knight with a lightsaber. The main contender for the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris
It became known where the former head of production Tesla
Technology / 02-07-2019
In Tesla, he worked for about three years Last week it became known that Peter Hochholdinger, Tesla vice president of production at the Fremont plant, left the company after three years in her .
A new unknown deadly
World / 02-07-2019
One person has already died from an unknown virus, another five are under the supervision of doctors. In Bolivia, an unknown previously deadly virus has appeared. About this with reference to the
Android vs iOS: iPad Pro tablets dominate, and iPhone XS Max is inferior to Android flagship
Technology / 02-07-2019
However, such a comparison is unlikely to be correct The fastest Android smartphones in June 2019 The company AnTuTu has published an updated rating of the most productive smartphones that are
Glory from NonAngelov officially divorced
Entertainment / 02-07-2019
The couple legalized their parting. How spouses have added custody of two children is still unknown. The Ukrainian singer and lead singer of the group NonAngela Slava Kaminska officially divorced her
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