In Venezuela, they announced the destruction of two drug aircraft
World / 05-08-2019
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called Colubia a "dysfunctional state" that cannot deal with drug dealers. The armed forces of Venezuela shot down two aircraft on board which allegedly carried
Kingston Digital A2000 SSDs are available in volumes up to 1 TB
Technology / 05-08-2019
SSD M.2 is equipped with a PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 interface. Kingston Digital announces the release of the A2000 SSD. These M.22280 SSDs are designed for the consumer segment and feature PCIe Gen 3.0 x4
The number of victims of shooting in Texas increased
World / 05-08-2019
Earlier on August 3 a young man shot at a Walmart supermarket in El Paso, Texas. The victim of a shooting in Texas El Paso died in a hospital, the local police department said. “We regret to inform
Jennifer Lopez unfastened his costume on stage
Entertainment / 05-08-2019
An unusual outfit unbuttoned one of the harnesses that connected the top of the product with trousers. During the concert, Jennifer Lopez unfastened his jumpsuit. A curious incident was removed by
A teenager grabbed a child from his mother and threw
World / 05-08-2019
In the Tate Modern London gallery of contemporary art, a 17-year-old teenager threw a six-year-old boy from a viewing platform on the tenth floor. Eyewitnesses told The Sun. According to those
Berlin Poroshenko responded to the claim of authorship of the Minsk Agreements
Politics / 05-08-2019
The press service of the German government commented on the statement of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that he wrote the text of the “Minsk agreements” together with Chancellor
Toshiba introduced the non-volatile memory standard XFMExpress
Technology / 05-08-2019
XFMExpress does not compete with SD Express Toshiba Memory has announced the release of the new XFMExpress non-volatile memory standard for use in thin and light consumer electronics, ultra-thin
Chechens fought with football hooligans in Poland
World / 05-08-2019
About 20 Russian citizens were detained in Poland due to a brawl with local football hooligans. On Monday, August 5 reports RMF FM. According to the radio station, the incident occurred in a parking
Syria launched an attack on Turkey’s pawns
World / 05-08-2019
The Syrian army resumes hostilities in the province of Idlib, where a de-escalation zone was previously created. This is stated in the statement of the military, distributed on Monday, August 5 by
A car explosion in an accident ruined the plans of the
World / 05-08-2019
One of the cars that had an accident and exploded in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, was filled with explosives. This was reported at Ministry of Internal Affairs republic, reports Reuters . The