Ukrainian tape Gutsulka Ksenya won the prize in Japan
Entertainment / 01-07-2019
The tape received the award of the Japanese film festival Mt. Fuji -Atami Film Festival. The role of Xena in the film was played by Barbara Lushchyk. Ukrainian film Gutsulka Ksen, directed by Elena
George Martirn spoke about the "toxicity" of fans of the Game of Thrones
Entertainment / 01-07-2019
The author of the literary source of the popular TV series believes that the behavior of fans on the web is insane. American writer George Martin spoke of the toxic reaction of fans of the series
New commercials of the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Entertainment / 01-07-2019
The director of the tape was Quentin Tarantino. Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt starred. Sony Film Studio has released two new videos of the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film Once in Hollywood.
Sweden has developed a new defense against Russia
World / 01-07-2019
The Swedish military said it would deploy an updated anti-aircraft missile defense system on the island of Gotland, which is evidence of the continuing tensions with Russia. Reports about it Reuters
Protesters in Hong Kong took parliament by storm
World / 01-07-2019
The protesters in Hong Kong took full control of the parliament building. Reports about it Associated Press . It is reported that the protesters also put graffiti on the walls of the building with a
Military helicopter crashed in Germany
World / 01-07-2019
A military helicopter crashed in Germany in the rural region of Hamelin-Pyrmont (Lower Saxony) on the afternoon of Monday, July 1. About it on the page in Twitter reported local police. According to
Russia fully restored oil transit
World / 01-07-2019
"Dirty" oil hit the Druzhba pipeline on April 19. Since then its cleaning proceeds. On July 1 Russian Transneft fully restored the operation of the Druzhba pipeline. This was announced by the
Named the real reason for leaving Apple chief designer
Technology / 01-07-2019
She explains Quince's desire to create his own company and cooperate with Apple only as a customer As we already reported, this year Apple will be abandoned by chief designer Jonathan "Joni" Ive
Motorola wants to abandon the cheapest
Technology / 01-07-2019
Probably the Moto E line will disappear Motorola has been doing quite well in Lenovo lately. However, we see certain changes that occur in the model range of the manufacturer, although the company
The role of Yeltsin in organizing the throw on Pristina
Politics / 01-07-2019
President of Russia in 1991-1999 Boris Yeltsin I did not want to fall into submission to the former US President Bill Clinton and therefore approved the march to Pristina. This statement was made by
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