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Katie Price devastated as her beloved dog Sparkle is ‘hit and killed’ in road accident

Katie Price devastated as her beloved dog Sparkle is ‘hit and killed’ in road accident

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Katie Price has confirmed the sad news that one of her dogs has died after being run down in a road accident.

The 41-year-old model revealed the accident occurred when she left Sparkle, an Alsatian, with a neighbour while she was working away from home for personal appearance on Tuesday night. 

Explaining what happened near her West Sussex home, Katie said in an Instagram video: ‘Hey guys, I’m really p****d off this morning. I’ve just woken up to realise that one of my dogs has been killed on the road.

‘I’ve just checked with the neighbours and everything seems to be how it was when they left the dogs, I don’t know how they escaped but yes, one of my Alsatians has been hit and killed.’ 

She added: ‘So I was away last night with my PA, I left the neighbours to feed the dogs because that’s what they do when I’m not there and away, so something’s obviously happened in the night.’ 

Katie owns several dogs, including Bear, Blade and King, and often shares sweet social media posts of her cuddling the pooches.

The former Loose Women host bought Blade as a ‘protection dog’ in July 2019 to make her children – Harvey, 17, Junior, 14, Princess, 12, Bunny, five, and Jett, six – feel safe after they were subjected to a carjacking in South Africa the previous year. 

Announcing Blade as the latest addition to the family, Katie said: ‘Meet Blade our new family protection dog @protectiondogworldwide doing our first training session together this morning! 

‘I will feel safer and so will Princess as she still suffers from the hijack at gunpoint we had in South Africa when filming last year [sic].’ 

In a recent episode of her reality series My Crazy Life, Katie revealed that she feeds her dogs two chickens a day. 

Shocked, her then-boyfriend Kris Boyson yelled: ‘No, no, no! Why? What?’ 

Princess replied: ‘Yeah, but the dog eats that.’ 

Katie tried to explain that the dog has two whole chickens a day but Kris was still in shock: ‘It’s a dog, not a lion!’ 

Sadly, Sparkle is not the first pet Katie has lost. 

In 2018, one of her beloved pooches, a German Shepherd named Queenie, died in a road accident while Bear narrowly escaped death when he ran onto the dual carriageway near her house.

Katie’s not having the best week after admitting it’s a ‘shame’ she’ll be without a date on Valentine’s Day.

12-02-2020 07:45, source: metro, by James Foster
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