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Dapper Laughs star Daniel O’Reilly opens up about mental health struggles after the death of his father

Dapper Laughs star Daniel O’Reilly opens up about mental health struggles after the death of his father

Daniel O’Reilly, the man behind the character Dapper Laughs, has opened up about his mental health which he will explore for a new play.

The TV personality is making his acting debut in the West End play Time, about four thieves thrown together when a bank robbery goes wrong.

It won’t be his last move into serious acting, as he has co-written a play about mental health with actor Michael Head.

Based on his life, it details how he struggled after the death of his father and thought about taking his own life at his lowest point.

He told ‘It’s called Dying To Be Funny which we’ve got a theatre for and that is a real dramatic change to everything that I’ve been used to doing.

‘It’s based around my struggles with mental health and being close to considering suicide after my father died and before becoming a dad. It’s quite a deep play. It’s written around my life.’

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Happy Father’s Day Dad, RIP. Miss ya. Sorry I’ve been a bit offline this week people it’s always a tough one thinking about the old man so have been enjoying some family time. I’ve never really got over it. My girls where robbed of an amazing granddad, breaks my heart he never met them, but, I know your with us and have been pulling a few strings up here for us because we are truly blessed & have pulled it all back together over the last few years & can’t help thinking you helped. I love ya and miss ya. & if I can find one I’ll have a pint of Guinness with ya today (The first pic is me asking him if I’m gona lose my hair like him😂) Have a look at his profile to see what a legend he was @dapperdad_and_proud ❤️And a huge happy Father’s Day to all the lads out there it’s a different type of thing to being a mummy, a hard struggle, especially at the beginning, it’s even tougher for us as we have to grow up at the same time 😂Happy Father’s Day to all.

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Discussing the plot, he added: ‘You think you’re watching a stand up comedy but it’s quite gritty and hard. Then towards the end you realise you’ve actually been watching what is a suicide note.

‘It sounds depressing and touches on something I’m passionate about which is mental health. Last week I actually lost a friend to suicide which is heartbreaking for everyone, this next play I’m passionate about.’

Time, written by and starring Michael, also stars Paul Danan and David Schaal and looks at the ‘morality of crime’.

Michael explained to us: ‘Everyone in this play is based on a real person. With gangster films you tend to get one dimensional characters like the Krays and stuff, and that’s not the reality.

‘They’re actually family men. They’re actually people that risk their lives and liberty to support their families. I’m not saying I agree with the choices they make, but it’s about the morality of them.

‘I wanted to write something that shows both sides of criminality and the people that do do these crimes and organised crime and armed robbery and things like that. It’s about the choices that they make and why they’re in the situation they’re in, and how they deal with it.’

Time is at the Tristan Bates Theatre until 15 February. 

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