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Nick Grimshaw thanks fans after emotional tribute to Caroline Flack as he encourages fans to talk through anxiety

Nick Grimshaw thanks fans after emotional tribute to Caroline Flack as he encourages fans to talk through anxiety

Nick Grimshaw’s heartfelt tribute to Caroline Flack left fans emotional, but none more so than the man himself, who opened up about how difficult it was to get through it.

The BBC Radio 1 drivetime host, 35, paid tribute to his close friend after Caroline died by suicide on Saturday.

He shared his anxiety about having to speak about his close friend’s death, Nick told his followers on Instagram: ‘Yesterday’s show was really hard and weird to do after the news about Caroline.

‘But wanted to say thank you for all the messages of love for her. I could not believe how many DMs I got from people sending their good wishes and love.’

Grimmy admitted that he had to have a bin on standby in the studio because he felt so sick after hearing the news.

He continued: ‘It was overwhelming and so nice to read them all. I know we spoke about this on the show yesterday but the power of talking to someone if you’re struggling is so powerful.

‘I felt sick with anxiety yesterday (had to have a bin in the studio) and last night talking to my boyfriend and friends made me feel infinitely better.

‘So if you are having a hard time speak to someone, you’re not a burden or being miserable, you’re just having a moment and that’s fine.’

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Nick had played Escape (The Piña Colada Song) in honour of Caroline on his show, telling his listeners: ‘I just wanted to start the show by saying something about our friend, Caroline. I just feel really weird today, I feel really sad.

‘I’m obviously very shocked about what happened this weekend. It’s such a tragedy and really brutal news to receive. I’m sure you know she was one of my favourite people to have on the show, one of my favourite people full stop.

‘I just thought she was brilliant, I thought she was so wicked. I know a lot of you listening were also big fans of Caroline.

‘It’s just been very tough for me and her friends, who knew her personally, and I’m sure it was for anyone who just enjoyed watching Caroline or seeing her on the telly or hearing her here on Radio 1.’

18-02-2020 11:15, source: metro, by James Foster
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