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Pretty Woman originally had pretty grim ending as screenwriter busts myths on iconic 90s film

Pretty Woman originally had pretty grim ending as screenwriter busts myths on iconic 90s film

If you don’t want your illusion of iconic 90s film Pretty Woman shattered, we’re terribly sorry to ruin your day.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Julia Roberts and Richard Gere film, JF Lawton has opened up on the script he wrote back in the day and busted some myths – while confirming some other rumours.

And when it comes to the script, while Lawton admits they had no idea the ending when they first began filming, early versions of the script – which focuses on a prostitute and a billionaire picking her up and paying for her company for a few days – had a rather grim premise the first time it was drafted.

According to a recent interview, the film was originally called Three Thousand and was a lot darker than the Pretty Woman we know and love.

For one, Vivian (played by Roberts) openly speaks of smoking crack and is ‘pimpier’ towards Kit (Laura San Giacomo) with the character procuring drug paraphernalia in the film.

And while Edward (Gere) was ‘significantly crueller, bordering on awful’, offering Vivian to his mates ‘after he’s done’, there is no dramatic death – as was the myth of the original story.

Doesn’t mean it was all happy days, though.

Writer Lawton – who is currently working on the film’s stage musical adaptation – told Yahoo: ‘No one dies at the end. The basic story is very similar, Vivian and Edward make a deal for six days for three thousand dollars, but at the end of those six days Edward doesn’t fall in love with her.

‘Vivian however, kind of imagines she loves him or at least doesn’t want to go back to her old life.’

Describing the rather dramatic and hardly fairytale ending, Lawton added: ‘Edward drives her back to Hollywood Boulevard and they get into an argument, with Edward not understanding why Vivian is so upset. When she won’t get out of the car, Edward tries to pull her out and she starts hitting him. He throws her off and as she is sobbing, he tries to give her the money in an envelope. She won’t take it, and when he puts it on the curb for her, she grabs it and throws it in his face.  But as he drives off, she slowly picks the money up from the street.’

The fire ladder ending is so much better, let’s be honest.

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