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BTS share sweet messages to their future selves following hilarious Carpool Karaoke

BTS share sweet messages to their future selves following hilarious Carpool Karaoke

As they continue to take over the world in a way only BTS knows how, the seven-piece boy band has shared some pretty lovely messages to their future selves.

While we can only assume future BTS – which counts RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook as members – will be proud of everything they’ve achieved in the past, they still have some thoughts to share with themselves seven years in the future.

As they continue to celebrate the success of their Map of the Soul era, which reconciles with the past, the group was asked this week what they would say to future BTS.

Safe to say while they take it all very seriously and have kind words, they still took the opportunity to have a little joke – which is pure BTS bants.

RM told MTV News: ‘34-year-old me, the old Namjoon, I’m asking, “Have you finally got your driver’s license?” I hope so!’

Meanwhile V hopes he’s grown a little – literally – as he said: ‘Taehyung, I hope seven years from now you may still be able to grow a little bit. Maybe you’re a little taller than 180 centimetres. I hope. That’s what I want to tell myself.’

Guys, we cannot with the cuteness!

Jin knows how their hardcore dancing can affect their bodies, so he pleaded with his future self to not be dancing anymore because ‘Your bones are so weak’.

However, Jungkook also lamented not learning English earlier, before telling his future self simply ‘please be happy’.

While J-Hope asked himself: ‘Are you happy? Please, forever happy. I hope that seven years from now you still love yourself.’

Jimin added so sweetly: ‘You’re always gonna be my role model. I’m doing the best I can and making great memories with these guys dear to my heart, so that I can one day be like you. Until then, I’ll always do my best.’

Oh Baby Mochi, you’re making our hearts melt!

Suga had some rather helpful advice for his 35-year-old future self though as he advised: ‘Drink a little less.

‘I hope you are a little bit more healthy. I just hope you’re happy and healthy. I love you.’

Suga also had some of the most beautiful thoughts, though, as he added: ‘Please don’t let me shine. Don’t let me fly.

‘You may think our lives are really, glorious or really fancy and that we live the high life, but actually we also face our own shadows in our lives and in the work that we do. I think it’s the same with everybody. I think everybody goes through the same things.’

After wowing us all on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke this week, BTS is definitely an unstoppable force at the moment, with their US takeover continuing to dominate – and now they’re even breaking records.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’s Subway Special with the guys became instantly iconic for the BTS Army, as they explored and played games in New York with Jimmy. Among the stunts, the group hit the subway, served sandwiches at Katz Delicatessen and shut down Grand Central Station to perform their new single ON in its iconic central court.

The entire show generated 4.2 million interactions and comments in just 24 hours – the best figure for 2020 so far for any episode of entertainment television. It also gained more attention than any other episode of Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to date, and was only beaten in the late-night attention slot by SNL.

Just when you thought these guys had taken over the world, they go and trump themselves!

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