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Amanda Holden gets emotional as she praises NHS amid coronavirus and says they ‘saved her life’

Amanda Holden gets emotional as she praises NHS amid coronavirus and says they ‘saved her life’

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Amanda Holden has praised the NHS amid the coronavirus pandemic, explaining they service had previously saved her life.

As the Britain’s Got Talent presenter worked from home amid the Covid-19 crisis earlier this week, she spoke of the importance of the NHS and cited times they’d come to the aid of her and her family.

She added specifically of the time she lost a baby, after she gave birth to a stillborn son in 2011.

‘Absolutely, they have always been important to Great Britain. They’ve always been important to all of us, but now more than ever we should be appreciating them,’ Amanda said on her Heart Breakfast show on Wednesday. ‘I know for me personally , without getting tearful, they saved my life, literally.’

She continued: ‘My sister was in a car accident two years ago, they saved her life, literally.

‘They looked after us as a family when we lost a baby.’

Amanda had previously opened up about losing her son Theo.

‘I just remember thinking, “Gosh, I haven’t felt him move for a bit”,’ she previously said on This Morning.

She said she was able to hold Theo after he was born, as Amanda added: ‘It’s a real mixture of being really angry that it’s happened and really scared that you don’t know what a child that’s dead is looking like.

‘It’s a scary thing. But it was absolutely natural and normal when I held him, he felt like my baby.’

Saying this morning, Amanda said it was ‘the least we can do’ for everyone to join together at 8pm and applaud the NHS – with similar praise happening around the world for the health services.

She said: ‘They have been there throughout so much that the least we can do, it might seem like a weird odd thing to do, but the least we can do is join together on Thursday, tomorrow night, at 8 o’clock, we’re going to join with Global’s radio stations, absolutely everybody, we’re going to stand on our door-steps, we’re going to open our windows, we’re going to be wherever we can and we’re going to make some noise for the doctors, nurses, carers, GPs, pharmacists, the mechanics who looks after all the vehicles, just literally everybody who are involved in the NHS and are working so hard to help those affected by the coronavirus.

25-03-2020 12:00, source: metro, by James Foster
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