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The network criticized Robert De Niro, who starred in the anti-Russian video

Network users have criticized the American actor Robert De Niro, who starred in an anti-Russian video accusing Donald Trump of “collusion” with Moscow.

On published frames, De Niro claims that in 2016 the Russian government “attacked democracy” of the United States. As other celebrities who also took part in the filming of the video, Moscow launched a “massive covert operation” to “help Donald Trump to become president.” At the same time, the survey participants refer to the report of the special prosecutor Robert Muller, who did not find evidence of a "conspiracy".

Olga Tolpeeva .

"Everyone has a chance to remain silent so as not to look like an idiot. But not everyone uses it," said Oleg Alekseev .

"Robert moved out," suggested Andrei Tretyakov

"Old men have fun ", noted Vadim Makhov .

3rrr. 3rr. Danny de Vito (comedian actor. - Ed.) invited to be fully representative, ”suggested Pavel Gavrilov 3rr.

Moscow is not the same He rejected all accusations of “Russian interference” in the American elections. According to the Kremlin, the Muller report, which was published in April after almost two years of work, did not provide reasoned evidence.


24-06-2019 04:59, source: ria, by James Foster
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